Married by Monday

Married by Monday - Catherine Bybee So I wanted some romance when I started, but after that I wasn't really in the mood for romance, so I stopped reading this book for a while. Not because I was annoyed with it, but it sounded just like the first book in this series.

Which all romances do.

And I should have known that.

ANYWAYS, I started reading it again because I was like "come on Abigail, you have EIGHT books in your currently reading bookshelf! You have to finish some of them..." So I figured this one would be the easiest, right? Well, when Eliza's neighbor said she had a broken rosebush, and her roommate hadn't seen anyone, OF COURSE it would be reasonable to assume that it was the dog when she knows she's being chased by a killer and she's been paranoid for the whole book EXCEPT WHEN SHE SHOULD BE PARANOID. Also, when Carter and Eliza start buying planes, I (kind of) understand because she is being chased by a killer, so she doesn't want to go on a domestic flight. That's all fine and jiffy. Then she's like "Our plane should have a bedroom. If we're buying a plane, we should go all out." I'm just like "...um, no. 1. where the hell is the logic in that? I could just as easily say (if I had the money to buy a plane) that I should only buy what I need and save the rest of the money, so I shouldn't have a bedroom. There is absolutely NO LOGIC in what you just said. 2. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE DYING IN AFRICA FROM MALNUTRITION? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THOSE CREEPY UNICEF PHOTOS?! You don't NEED to have sex on the plane when you could help PEOPLE DYING OF MALNUTRITION! rrgh." AND THEN CARTER AGREES. I'm just like "...COME ON, Carter. You've been a lawyer and a judge and you're RUNNING FOR FREAKIN' GOVERNOR, so YOU'VE SEEN THE UNICEF PHOTOS. AND YOU'RE STILL BUYING A PLANE WITH A FREAKIN' BEDROOM?!?! RRRRRGH..."

So yeah, I'm done. And I don't care what happens to the killer. He can kill Eliza for all I care.

But leave Carter for me.