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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell yep. I'm going to be that one person who's just like "nope. I don't see it." honestly, the romance was completely unbelievable. maybe it's just because I'm home-schooled and I'm weird, but I honestly don't think that anyone could possible fall in "love" that fast. I mean, come on! one moment he's not talking to her, the next they're agreeing on everything important and touching hands like cray-cray. puh-lease.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams it has a unique sense of humor, but I find it rather refreshing. and I think this may seriously be the best dialogue I have ever read ... ever. because Adams is just awesome like that.


Outcast - Adrienne Kress DNF at 50%

eh. i don't know. i saw from Goodreads reviews that this book was like [b:Angelfall|11500217|Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)|Susan Ee||16435765], so of course i immediately started reading it. but, as the saying goes, life's too short to read bad books. (or at least, i hope that's a saying.) the dialogue was juvenile and wasn't nearly as good as the awesomeness that was Raffe and Penryn's conversations. (oh, Raffe. i'm trying very hard not to swoon right now.) also, the plot moved so slooowly. at least in Angelfall i had the banter to sustain me until the end (THAT ENDING), but Kress doesn't give me anything here. just some flirting (and juvenile flirting at that) and seriously lame jealousy (come on, even [a:James Patterson|3780|James Patterson|] does jealousy better!). and, yes, i'm aware that AWESOME THINGS HAPPEN AT THE END, but i'm just not motivated enough to trudge through. nothing even's happened! they've only figured out that weird things happen and Gabe's old sweetheart is still alive (which of course only makes what's-her-name more jealous) and the angels aren't actually angels. which, of course, is such a surprise.

The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch okay. um. Locke Lamora is awesome. and the Grey King is seriously messed up. and don't even think about approaching this book if you don't like violence or cussing.

and now I can officially add Lynch to my ever-growing list of authors I hate for making me cry in public because I hate crying in public. because come on, Lynch, was killing off Calo and Galdo and Bug really necessary? that was just mean. have a heart, man!

The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance

The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance - Laurie Garrett Read for UMBC BIOL 141H

I liked it well enough. not very technical at all, but I suppose she wanted it to be accessible. but honestly, it got very easy to confuse all the scientists and politicians as more and more people were added. they all felt rather 2-dimensional. but I didn't read this for character development, so I still liked it well enough.

Flat-Out Matt

Flat-Out Matt - Jessica Park oh matt. yes, flat-out matt was cheesy. so what? it's not amazing, but it put a smile on my face and made me laugh many times.

except that one scene reminded me of [b:On the Jellicoe Road|1162022|On the Jellicoe Road|Melina Marchetta||6479100] ... gosh darn you [a:Melina Marchetta|47104|Melina Marchetta|], why do you have to write such good books?!

Calvin and Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed

Calvin and Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed - Bill Watterson god, I love Calvin & Hobbes. they make me bust a gut every time, but Watterson still manages to say some serious stuff.

Masked Ball at Broxley Manor

Masked Ball at Broxley Manor - Rhys Bowen It's fun. though I did have problems with the fact that Georgiana wants to marry some hot stranger because he's the love of her life and wants to marry him but also rejects another not-so-hot dude's marriage proposal because she doesn't know him well enough. but it was still fun.

Ender's Game

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card Not worth re-reading for the plot, but I loved visiting the characters again. And I felt more like Ender was actually me.

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness so I started this at midnight yesterday (today?). I knew I was probably going to stay up reading this, but it's the end of Daylight Savings Time, so I get an extra hour, so I was like "what the heck, no better time than the present!" But, unlike all my fellow Goodreadserians, I didn't think I was going to cry, because I almost never cry. Even [b:Wonder|23302416|Wonder|R.J. Palacio||16319487] only elicited a few stragglers from the robot that is Yours Truly.


2 hours later, I look in the mirror and my eyes are swollen and red and just looking at myself makes me to laugh, which transforms into another sob. And snot is dripping out my nose, and tears are running down my face.

so that's why I hate [a:Patrick Ness|370361|Patrick Ness|] now.

but seriously, [b:A Monster Calls|8621462|A Monster Calls|Patrick Ness||13492114] taught me that you need to hold on tight before you can let go. and it tore me apart and put me back together again and told me that I didn't have to say that Beanie (my dog) had all those problems and it would be better to put him down than let him die a slow and painful death, because I didn't want him to die. and I never did. and it's okay to be selfish like that. and after I came to terms with that, I found that I could think about him without crying like I usually do.

this book is so special, and I thank Ness and [a:Siobhan Dowd|80760|Siobhan Dowd|] for writing this.

but I still hate Ness.

Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo, Leigh Bardugo i'm booooooored. i can already predict that mal (if that's how you spell his name; i don't know; i only listened to the audiobook) and alina are going to fall in love. bardugo's either going to leave it at that, or a fancy prince will come along, and some excuse of an obstacle will make him and alina be together. then alina will fall in love with him, and i will throw the ipad across the room in disgust. so before i do that, i'm quitting.

On the Jellicoe Road

On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta the first 100 pages are so worth it. so worth it. push through and I guarantee that you will fall in love with every darned character.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens - Sean Covey Don't ask. My parents just plopped the book in front of me and said "since you like reading so much, why don't you read this?" Not exactly revolutionary stuff that will change my life forever, but it was interesting enough.


Legend - Marie Lu You know those moments when you feel like you read a different book than all your friends?


I don't know; it was just boring. June and Day (are those their names? I'm never going to remember) sounded EXACTLY THE SAME. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. And the plot was too predictable

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery #1)

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery #1) - Denise Grover Swank Eh. I guess the fact that she just HAD to say her vision aloud was just too unbelievable, initiating what a fellow Goodreadser (Goodreadserian? I still don't know!) called the "unicorn effect." It makes the hero/ine a rainbow-pooping unicorn instead of an actual person. And what's-his-name was just a cardboard cut-out.

Married by Monday

Married by Monday - Catherine Bybee So I wanted some romance when I started, but after that I wasn't really in the mood for romance, so I stopped reading this book for a while. Not because I was annoyed with it, but it sounded just like the first book in this series.

Which all romances do.

And I should have known that.

ANYWAYS, I started reading it again because I was like "come on Abigail, you have EIGHT books in your currently reading bookshelf! You have to finish some of them..." So I figured this one would be the easiest, right? Well, when Eliza's neighbor said she had a broken rosebush, and her roommate hadn't seen anyone, OF COURSE it would be reasonable to assume that it was the dog when she knows she's being chased by a killer and she's been paranoid for the whole book EXCEPT WHEN SHE SHOULD BE PARANOID. Also, when Carter and Eliza start buying planes, I (kind of) understand because she is being chased by a killer, so she doesn't want to go on a domestic flight. That's all fine and jiffy. Then she's like "Our plane should have a bedroom. If we're buying a plane, we should go all out." I'm just like ", no. 1. where the hell is the logic in that? I could just as easily say (if I had the money to buy a plane) that I should only buy what I need and save the rest of the money, so I shouldn't have a bedroom. There is absolutely NO LOGIC in what you just said. 2. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE DYING IN AFRICA FROM MALNUTRITION? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THOSE CREEPY UNICEF PHOTOS?! You don't NEED to have sex on the plane when you could help PEOPLE DYING OF MALNUTRITION! rrgh." AND THEN CARTER AGREES. I'm just like "...COME ON, Carter. You've been a lawyer and a judge and you're RUNNING FOR FREAKIN' GOVERNOR, so YOU'VE SEEN THE UNICEF PHOTOS. AND YOU'RE STILL BUYING A PLANE WITH A FREAKIN' BEDROOM?!?! RRRRRGH..."

So yeah, I'm done. And I don't care what happens to the killer. He can kill Eliza for all I care.

But leave Carter for me.


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