The Golem and the Jinni: A Novel

The Golem and the Jinni - Helene Wecker I think -- I THINK -- I may have found Marchetta's equal. I know, I know, stop gasping, don't DIE, but seriously! Wecker is darned GOOD. I mean, I just tried to read [b:The Son of Sobek|17312201|The Son of Sobek (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover, #1)|Rick Riordan||23976459] because I do like Percy Jackson, but I couldn't help comparing Riordan's writing to Wecker's, to the detriment of Riordan. Marchetta and Wecker practically EXUDE PURE AWESOMENESS from the pages of their book.

And, if I dare say it, I think Wecker's debut is much better than Marchetta's.

If that means she will amount to something more than Marchetta, I'm going to die from happiness right now.