Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout This book is SO BAD. And seriously? Daemon? That HAS to be the LAMEST name I have EVER HEARD. And also, I object to that cover. I don't think I would ever in a million years be caught doing THAT on a boy, thank you very much. And when he stays underwater for 2 MINUTES, and when he can move VERY FAST--ALMOST SUPERNATURALLY FAST, and when FRIGGIN' STORM CLOUDS CORRESPOND with his moods, and when ... what's her name ... Bella Katy writes a friggin' BOOK BLOG and loves friggin' PARANORMAL FICTION, you would've thought she'd catch on a bit earlier. I mean, when that guy says "You have their trace" and she's all like "who's trace?" I'm like "YOU'VE ONLY BEEN SOCIALIZING WITH SOME PEOPLE AND THEY'VE BEEN ACTING PRETTY WEIRD LATELY, DON'T YOU THINK?! SO WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE'S TALKING ABOUT?!" *end rant*

P.S. I only own a copy 'cause it's free. Don't judge.